Friday, February 3, 2012

Back at home with the family

After returning home yesterday evening after my 3-day conference, Little M was glad to see me, and I her! And she was glad to meet the bright red salmon stuffy I brought home for her too :) Today I took the day off work and we went sledding, got groceries, and went for a hike. We did some of our monthly planning too, we got our monthly meal plan and our monthly goals put together during Little M's nap. Not sure what the plan is for later tonight, but I'm sure it will mostly consist of lots of family time!

Here are a couple shots of Little M I took this afternoon while she was playing on her keyboard. That's fishy hanging out behind her. Oh, and I couldn't budge her determination about her wardrobe selections today - pale pink vest with white fur trim, mustard yellow/lime green fleece pullover, bright pink tights... At least after her nap this afternoon I managed to convince her that the vest belonged over the sweater, not underneath it...

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your weekend reunion!
    Little M is a fashion diva!


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