More About Me

I grew up in the woods in Canada - eastern Ontario for those of you wondering. After university I moved out west to British Columbia for a graduate degree. At the end of my schooling, I met my future husband, and ended up moving down to the US. We got married, bought a(nother) puppy, moved out of town to a 10 acre property with a run-down house, and had a beautiful little girl. Three years later, and we are well settled in but still fixing our home and property up.

I love most outdoor things - gardening, hiking, biking, camping, the list is long. I also love homemaking, and making a cozy home for my new little family. I've always been interested in living sustainably, and so with our property we are working towards making our little homestead as complete as we can. We have 3 dogs, have raised pheasants, have 11 laying hens, and raise a butcher hog a year. We have a small home orchard, and grow as much food in our garden as we can.

I started this blog as an outlet, and to share my homesteading adventures with others, especially my family and friends that I left back in Ontario when I moved first across the country, and then down into the States. I hope you like it!

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