Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping a goal plan

One thing my Mom got me started on at some point in my late teen years was to come up with a goal plan of where, what, and who I wanted to be in 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years, and then sit down occasionally and go over it and make sure that I've been doing things to meet & keep me on track to meet these goals. This was when I was in my early university years. More recently in married life, where I can see further down the road, I have added a 'longer term' for distant future goals. I set goals to meet personal expectations, family dreams, and financial needs.

I try to review and update this goal plan every few months, depending on how busy I am and whether I need the added boost in my life of visualizing my family's future. I just keep a digital copy on my computer, although a paper copy on the fridge (where I keep lists of that sort - most people likely would put it in a homemaking binder) would make good sense if there were particular goals that I wanted to make sure I looked at everyday.

When I go through my goal plan, I update the date so that my file shows the last time I made changes change the goals as my goals change. Its encouraging to be able to go through and delete items that we have accomplished, and its also neat to look back at my older files, and see how my plans as changed (for example how they changed when I met my now husband, how they changed after I gave birth to our daughter, etc). I encourage anyone who doesn't write down their dreams, goals, and plans, to do so - it keeps you on track to meet them!

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  1. I started keeping similar plans in the 1970s. I called them 'timelines' and found that putting them away for a while sharpened my goals when I brought them out again. My goals these days are more shortterm and directed to the current season's gardening.

    Welcome to Blotanical. You have a great mentor.


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