Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Honey we're (almost) home!

So we fly back to Seattle tomorrow mid-day, and then drive the 4-ish hours home... The past 2 weeks have at times dragged and at times flown by. I'll be sad to leave Alaska, the boat, my in-laws, and all the wildlife, but oh-so-happy to be home!

I can't wait to see how my plants have grown in the garden (not looking forward to the weeds' growth though!), can't wait to pick the dogs up and get sloppy dog kisses, and definitely can't wait for a real shower. Not to mention sleep in my own bed!

The boat has been great though. We've met some really nice people on the trip (boaters are so friendly for the most part!). And there has been so much time to just relax and watch the scenery and the wildlife. Oh the wildlife! We've seen so many things! Black bears, grizzly bears, killer whales, humpback whales, moose, so many bald eagles, and oh so many new-to-me species of birds (I mean lifer birds for all you serious birders out there).

I won't do the breakdown here and now; partly because I still haven't sorted all the pictures, and partly because there is still one more day to go. But expect a list post coming up soon of birds & other wildlife seen. I imagine there might be some of the nicer pictures in that post too :) Also you can expect some sort of post about what to pack for a boat vacation (with a toddler) & perhaps some thoughts on storage solutions in boats!

Washington we will see you tomorrow!

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  1. Safe travels home. I look forward to hearing all about the trip! Enjoy!


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