Friday, July 22, 2011

Unexpected garden & rabbit inspiration

Last night we had a work-related get together. I work in an office building that houses people from multiple different agencies/groups. We interact professionally weekly or monthly, and of course chitchat in the office, but we don't hang out en mass very often - likely twice a year or so. So it had been awhile since we had all gotten together.

Our potluck/BBQ last night was at one of the guy's houses. I hadn't been to his place before, although I knew about where it was, and loved some of the other homes in that area. They have great views to the east across the valley, but are in denser woods than I like, and the lots aren't as big or distant from adjacent lots as I would like. That being said, the house we were at was amazing! My office mate's wife is an artist, and their home has so many artistic and thoughtful touches! I wanted to take hundreds of pictures to capture all of the great ideas they had made use of, and to share with you all, but I didn't. Instead I ran around after Little M, who had a blast playing 'fetch' with one of my other co-workers' dogs.

Then there was their garden! They had such vigorous and healthy plants, I was amazed. We asked for (and got) a garden tour, which are always so informative & fun. They keep chickens and rabbits, and apparently rabbit poo is amazing compost, and it isn't 'hot' like the poo from many other animals, so they can apply it directly. Learn something new every day!

I'd thought about raising rabbits before (my parents did for years but before I was born), but not all that seriously. But amazing compost + home-grown meat? Uh, yes please! When I got home I talked to my husband (who had to work and wasn't able to come to the get together) about the rabbits (and the amazing house!) and he was into it! So maybe some time in the future we will raise rabbits for meat :) Anyone else interested in raising rabbits for meat & compost? Anyone raise them now? I can't wait to learn more, maybe this winter I'll research rabbits :)

It was a perfect evening after the rather stressful week I've been having (mostly due to my own lack of time to plan in advance), unexpected and wonderful and full of great surprises :) Have a great weekend!


  1. I wish we could have rabbits for the compost, but Lil' Guy is allergic to everything but fish and turtles! Maybe Jenna at Cold Antler can give you some tips about raising them. She's always very informative. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. rabbits! What a great idea. We aren't allowed to have chicken coops in our neighbourhood (boo to suburban living in stuffy 'hoods), but no one's ever said anything about rabbits!!!


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