Thursday, December 29, 2011

Setting goals for next year

Has anyone else been working on their goals for next year these past few days? I sure have. I've actually been working on designing a homemaking notebook to print & have bound, and some of the pages I'm including are lists of my goals for the year, and other detailed sheets related to my goals. There have been some really great blog posts floating around in the last couple days that I've found really helpful and timely.

Crystal at Moneysavingmom has written a series of great posts on time management which I have found helpful in the past, and this week she has written a couple more nice posts, one on how she decides her yearly goals which I found really useful as I was setting out my goals for 2012, and another one where she provided several useful goal-setting links, including a link to a post I really enjoyed on 7 habits of organized people. This evening I read another great post, and the bit that stuck with me was about not adding to your goals until you have finished what you started and done it well. This stuck with me because several of my goals for 2011 were met, but barely so. I'd already sort of started my 2012 goals to reflect a desire to become more proficcient at some of these barely met goals, but now I think I will go back through intentionally with that filter.

If you are thinking about intentionally setting some attainable goals for yourself for 2012, I really encourage you to check out these posts! I'll share more about my homemaking notebook in the days to come - I still need to finish up some final editing touches, print it all out, get some pages laminated, and have it bound!


  1. We have a household notebook, Katy and it is really helpful to have everything in one place. I think you'll find it invaluable!
    Best wishes on meeting your 2012 goals!
    Thanks for the links.

  2. We have a family calendar and a 'bill central'. Though I must admit we are very guilty of the flat surface pile effect. Gah! Makes me crazy! But we do some things well, and after reading '7 habits of organized people' I can see where to focus on organizing us more. I think I'm going to keep my 2012 list short:
    1. Finish the PhD.
    2. Find a job.
    3. Do nothing resembling work for a full week sometime in 2012. :D

    Happy New Year, Katy! I'm hoping to see you in the next few months; a little birdie mentions you may come up to BC while I am there! Yay!

  3. Daisy - I think it should make my life easier too :) thanks!
    Bobbie - yup, sometime in the next couple months I'll come visit you & Karen up there and we can be kid-less together :) I like your goals this year - short but all major accomplishments :)


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