Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Monday evening, while my husband was making supper, Little M and I had to rush around collecting chicken eggs, feeding & letting the dogs out, and picking some strawberries for evening smoothies. This storm was fast approaching, complete with flickering lightning and rumbling thunder. We got everything done in the nick of time, and then got to eat supper while listening to the rain pour down.

Nothing like early summer thunderstorms to remind me of growing up back east! Today skies are clear, the ground is drying up after our week of rainy skies, and so far as I know no forest fires have been spotted. Its nice to be able to enjoy the storms and not have to worry about our safety; my thoughts are with those in Florida cleaning up from their weather.


  1. Glad you got all of your chores accomplished and were able to enjoy the abundant rains.

  2. We need rain badly here. Glad you got some! A friend and I were talking yesterday about how we are blessed to live in place where nature is friendly, yes it may be dry, but we aren't at the huge risk for fires and when storms do come, they tend to be friendly.


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