Friday, July 13, 2012

Changing it up - the vehicle edition

Wow, how is it Friday already? We've been having a busy busy week here. We are currently looking to replace both of our main vehicles, after we sold my beloved Honda Fit and after a bit of an accident with my husband's beloved Ford F-150 (no one was hurt thankfully and Little M and I weren't in the truck with him at the time). We had already decided we needed to sell both and get 2 AWD or 4WD vehicles, but hadn't been planning on doing it all at once - but these things happen.

So now it is off to the big city on my husband's days off to see about getting me a 2008 Ford Escape (hopefully), and make sure a slightly older (2005? 2007?) Subaru Impreza will work for him. We'll have to wait a week or two I think to get his car, and in the meantime we have to hope the old Jeep keeps running (so far so good although the oil gauge was doing strange things for me this morning).

I can't say enough thanks that my husband wasn't hurt, that my car sold very quickly (in 2 days and locally!), that my dad is so knowledgeable about used vehicles with a stash of old consumer reports to refer to, that my mother-in-law lives in the big city and loves us visiting, and that our vehicles are fully paid off. I'll miss my little car, but having one that I'll be able to drive year round will be much better.

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  1. Here's hoping y'all find just what you're looking for. Have a great weekend!


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