Monday, August 13, 2012

From the garden today

Harvested fresh from the garden (and coop!) this evening...

The first bunch of green beans large enough to make me think about blanching & freezing them.

Enough zucchini's to make me think about stir-fries in our immediate future to the dismay of everyone in the house but me (yum!).

More delicious farm-fresh eggs.

And some tomatoes to take along to a bring-your-own-BBQ dinner we're going to later this week.

Not pictured - the delicious strawberries that Little M and I devoured in the thick of the strawberry patch, and the last of the raspberries. Fresh garden food enjoyed right in the garden. Best thing ever.


  1. Great harvest! Congrats on eating home-grown!

  2. I used to get quite cross at K & W for eating all the sugar snap peas IN the garden and then reporting that there were not enough for supper. Better train Little M better than I trained mine.
    Blanching beans, hot and humid but worth it. What do you store them in?
    Your parents have the floor of the new room complete as of yesterday.

    1. With Little M it's the strawberries. that girl will (and does, sigh) eat them VERY unripe when I turn my back...
      I freeze family-sized portions of them either in ziploc bags or my weck jars :)
      hugs back!

  3. Yup. At least you won't have to police her from drinking too much maple sap. Only do that if you need a good strong laxative. The girls used to get thirsty in the bush and gulp down sap from the pails.
    Do you have a local garlic expert - I know one of the really good ones here - I could see what she has on your climate and soil conditions.

  4. I wish we had maple trees here to collect sap from though! I can definitely recall you all limiting Heather & my sap intake... :)
    I don't know anyone here who is a garlic expert - sure, if you get the opportunity I would love to hear what she knows that might apply out here :)


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