Monday, September 24, 2012

Forest fires & smoke

There are many forest fires burning in Washington State right now, 4 of which are relatively close to us. Two of these four are basically under control and out it seems, but the other two are much larger and have several areas either evacuated or on evacuation alert. The amount of smoke in the air is reaching the unbearable level - our mucus membranes are all irritated, and unfortunately the still air which is helping fire fighters fight the fires is not really helping clear the smoke out of the valleys!

The firefighters are doing a great job however, and we see them every couple hours either flying helicopters overhead or driving the water tanker trucks up and down our road. They are filling off an irrigation overflow valve just down the road from us, and driving back up past our place to the end of the maintained road and up the forest service roads to the fire nearest our house. Little M waves every time she sees them, and so far has meritted a water tanker honking his horn for her and a helicopter wiggling his tail for her. She's been having a blast!

Compared to the view with all the smoke, here is what we can normally see west of our house... Mountains? What are those?


  1. So scary. I'll be prayin' for the fires to end soon.

    1. Thanks Daisy, its been much better here this week :)


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