Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years News

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm happy to admit at last that I'm pregnant, due in June. That's why I haven't been posting very much at all this past fall/winter season, as I've been barely managing to feed my family, keep my own food down, and make sure everyone has relatively clean clothes to wear. Cleaning and most other weekly and daily activities have been put to the wayside, as has regular posting, commenting, and responding to comments! My apologies, but growing a small human in those first couple months is hard on me!

Also, besides the not-having-much-to-talk-about that comes from not doing a heck of a lot other than laying on the couch, have you ever found that when there is a huge secret that you aren't sharing yet, you just can't find much to talk about? Yeah, that's me. Can't find much to talk about even if it kills me when I've got a secret that I'm dying to share but just not quite there yet!

So, now that you know, we can move on to other things!

I'm excited to share the latest project we've got going on over here, a play kitchen for Little M's third birthday! I'm not quite as far along making it as I would have liked, although I've got all or almost all off the pieces cut and sanded. However, since her birthday is this coming weekend, complete with a sledding party with some of her little friends, I have a bit of work ahead of me to get it assembled and prettied up...


  1. I had a feeling...Congratulations! So happy for your family! Red raspberry tea does wonders.
    I hope you'll post pix of the kitchen when you're finished. Won't Little M be thrilled!
    Best to you and yours!

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Congratulations! So very exciting, can't wait to watch your journey :)

  3. Wonderful - congrats to you all. I hope you soon start to feel glowing and euphoric and not so cold. It's about the same temp and such here and piles of snow and downed trees all through the bush. And the furnace wood, of course, is down at the sugarhouse woodshed.
    Luckily K&W were out, and it got cleared. Sort of. Haven't talked to your folks but they have the neatest snowbanks by their driveway of anyone on the road. Of course.


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