Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On emergencies, luckily not of the financial kind!

Well I've got a couple of posts swirling around in the back of my mind waiting to be written, or half written, or with photos waiting for text to go along with them, but it has been a bit of a whirlwind start to 2013!

That kind of happens when a car engine emergency drains your emergency fund down to within a few dollars of empty, and then as soon as you pull the extra out of your normal 'extra-to-principle' mortgage payment to get the emergency fund back up to a thousand bucks your debit credit card number gets stolen and used to rack up charges totaling almost a thousand dollars....

Now, we've got our fingers crossed that the fraudulent charges will be returned to us, and after talking to the bank it looks like that will happen without any issues, and really, because we had a large enough emergency fund to cover first the car engine, and then to cover these fraudulent charges if need be, neither of them are financial emergencies, which we are so, so grateful for. We didn't need to dip into the sinking funds we keep for other good things, like upcoming childbirth costs or vehicle insurance, to pay for these emergencies.

But boy, what good reminders to have an emergency fund! Also a good reminder to keep tabs on our account. And perhaps a hint to get identity theft insurance... And perhaps also a nudge to be better about not keeping too much money in our daily account and manage the daily account vs. savings account a bit more in-depth so as to keep the daily account as low as can be to keep the rest of our money safer in the savings account...

Sigh... Lessons learned folks, lessons learned! :)


  1. Whew! So glad y'all have that emergency fund. May your bank accounts be full and happy!

  2. Total Bummer! I hope your bank comes through. Our bank tends to call us as soon as something abnormal comes through on the card, but if a thief is working fast, the account could still get drained.
    Insurance is good.

  3. Some weeks are just way too exciting. Glad your bank seems to be co-operating.


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