Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fog & Hoar Frost

Its been a bit chilly around here of late, and we've had a bit of a temperature inversion as well. So we've had some serious valley fog, which has made for some really impressive hoar frost days when the fog clears enough to see around. I love the trees when they look all crystal-y!

When the sun comes out from the fog, the trees start to warm up, and the hoar frost crystals fall down like snow, although they are far more sparkly. Beautiful!

At lower elevations, on the way out of our little side valley & nearing the main valley, there have been some spots where the shrubs and fences are just laden down with hoar frost crystals - we're talking an inch or more thick of crystals coating branches & wire. Some spots on the trees there the hoar frost is so thick it looks like clumps of snow weighing down the branches!


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