Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring?

Not a lot to report here. We've been doing some more seed starting (some early romaine lettuce and lots of peppers followed the onions). Little M's sunflowers sprouted and are likely nearing the transplant out of their 4-pack stage. We of course got a very wet and very unwelcome 2-3 inches of fresh snow this morning, startling everyone as most of the snow had melted except in the deep spots down in the shadows of the hills in the fields down by the creek. Happily it was (mostly) melted by the time we got home this afternoon from an afternoon appointment down in the 'city'.
The gate into the new side garden area, as seen from the back deck.

The mister and I have been doing some great fence-building work. And by we, I really mean him, although I've been helping him keep the posts level and pound the dirt in around them! We've got a fair number in, including cross members making up the H-braces on the ends of the fence; many more than the 2 around the gate that the picture shows, I just couldn't bear to take a picture with all the new snow this morning! We're getting to the point where he'll need to cut some more from the woods if we are to continue, though. I think we might be able to make it work with what we have now in terms of the new garden space, with the addition of some temporary t-posts, and the additional fence area between the house and the new garden space will just be an added perk to keep the dogs a little more contained until we get the entire perimeter more secure. Once we have the fencing up on it, I'll do a more detailed post about the fencing stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the first day of spring in your neck of the woods!

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  1. Looks like it might be warming up there! You've been very productive. Happy spring, Katy!


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