Monday, May 27, 2013

The lower garden in late May

So since I updated you on the May goings on in the new side garden last week, I thought I had better make sure the lower garden was covered too - since it is where the majority of our home grown veggies come from, don't want to make it feel left out! ;)

The garden is looking pretty good this year, especially given how pregnant I am! We've been having a week or two of rain and cool temps, so I only just the beans in and haven't gotten the corn in the ground yet, hopefully when I'm home mid-week we can fit that in around picking the pigs up. This year the crop rotation worked out such that I've only had to keep water on the north end of the garden, which was really great during our early hot and dry spell.

Most years so far I've had early crops in both ends of the garden, meaning twice the watering time each morning, as our gravity-fed irrigation pressure really only properly waters the entire end of the garden when one end is on at a time. Not sure things will ever work out that well in the future, as the permanent plants (herbs and strawberries) are all in the north end, but the other crops rotate throughout the whole garden, but the less strenuous watering need has been great this year what with being pregnant!

With all that rambling over, now on to the pictures!

Looking south, just turned over tomato area, carrots, onions, potatoes, rhubarb to the left, herb area, strawberries, garlic, greens to the right

Herb area, mixed with some bulbs and other ground cover.
common chives are doing wonderfully this year!

The smaller of our two rhubarb plants from last year, the larger we moved to the side garden.
Potatoes starting to peek through (surrounded by weeds - yikes!)
Strawberry plants are flowering and growing well this year!
Iris flowers getting ready to burst into bloom
The far end will have corn, beans, and squash, but as of this picture was yet to be weeded. The black raspberries and apples are doing well though.


  1. Everything looks amazing! I love the herb garden. I may have to steal that design.
    Are you really gonna weed that big patch before sowing the corn? Seems like it'd be a great place to try out the no-till method and just throw down some cardboard and top with soil and compost.

    1. I actually just forked/shoveled over the soil and left the weeds to decompose mostly. Although there was some grass that got sent to the chickens for them to snack on. was easier this year than trying no-till, maybe next year I'll be more ambitious :)

  2. Your gardens are beautiful. I love the picture of the chives. I didn't comment on the post before, But i LOVE that garden shed and chair and space you created. Totally beautiful. I love creating outdoor spaces like you have and living outside our homes for a few months. That will be a nice space to sit and take in your new babe, while watching M play :)

    1. thanks bethany! I'm in love with that space too, it just feels so cozy and its so nice to have a spot to relax in the garden, not just on the porch or in the yard! Having the play structure for M right beside the new garden was totally planned so she could play her way & I could play my way! :)


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