Saturday, February 15, 2014


So I don't know if there is some mysterious house elf in my home, or if I am losing my memory, but at the moment there are several things missing from my kitchen that I have no clue what happened to them! So frustrating if they are misplaced somewhere around the house, and so upsetting if they are actually lost for good!

The least significant is the special glass 3M pads that I use for scrubbing off the wood stove glass doors. Regular scrubber pads would scratch the glass, but these special softer ones are designed for glass. Can't scrub the baked on grit off my wood stove doors without them! I have no clue when they went missing, it has been longer than I like to admit since I scrubbed the glass on the stove, but when I went to put my rubber gloves on, the scrubbers weren't sitting on top like they used to be, nor were they fallen down behind. Hmmm...

Then more of a daily inconvenience is that one of the two one teaspoon measures that I have in the kitchen has been missing for months now. And of course it is my favorite all metal one from the set that my sister in law gave me for christmas one year, that goes in the dishwasher as there is no plastic on the handle like my other set. I've searched all through Little M's play kitchen things, but it is nowhere to be found. I've been thinking perhaps it is under the oven, and so cleaning under there is on my to do list, but clearly it has been on my to do list since around the New Year, so its not a huge priority to get that cleaned. If I knew the teaspoon measure was under there however, you can be sure I would be pulling the damn oven out immediately. Arg.

Anyway, anyone else have a house elf? Sigh... Or a faulty memory?

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