Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reining in my DIY enthusiasm

I haven't lived on acreage since I was in high school living with my parents. I've always liked getting things done -  I like planning out projects and crossing things off my list. Until we bought our current home, I never saw the problem of having both - acreage and an affinity for lists...

Whew. As I walk around my house and look out over the property these days, all I see are potential projects - its getting a little overwhelming to be honest! In the past year and a half since we moved into our current home, we have gotten an impressive amount of work done. But in order to get the house livable before the baby came, we focused on getting the big stuff done to the 'good enough' point. This meant painting primer everywhere, ripping up the carpets and putting down wood flooring, replacing the old wood stove and hearth, but not painting the rooms, putting trim up, or finishing the edges of the wood floor.

None of things are critical to daily living. But as the sleep-deprived blur of the days post-baby has slowly given way to having a one year old, I'm starting to come up for air and look around. I've started to realize that while having a work-in progress house is ok on some levels, not making any progress on the on-going projects that I see on a daily basis is just depressing! And finishing these small things make our house feel cozier and that makes me feel much happier when I'm at home.

That's why my goal for this month is to start making some progress on those 'almost done' projects, including finishing the trim in the spare bathroom, removing the excess foam from sealing the windows, and dealing with the mess that is currently our sunporch.

Wish me luck!


  1. Maybe you can inspire JG?
    Love your page setup and photos - it looks terrific.
    Is your gorgeous daughter walking yet? Working on house renovation with a toddler around can be, um, exciting.

  2. no walking yet, she's getting close, but seems reluctant to let go - I'm excited for her to learn, but also reluctant to have her that much more mobile! :)


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