Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Seed List

Hurray! I've finished planning my 2011 list of plants to grow!

Its been raining off and on all weekend (so strange for January here!) and on top of the several feet of snow we have on the ground, its not very pleasant outside, although its unseasonably warm! The weather and the remnants of a cold made staying warm and cozy inside on the top of my priority list - which is why I'm planning garden plants so far in advance this year!

I've included the list of plant varieties below, and I even remembered to include plants to grow so I can meet my gardening-related goals! In brackets I've included bits from the catalog write-up that made me want to grow each plant this year. There is an additional section at the bottom of plants I want to try but that may end up being saved for some year in the future, as the first list already looks rather daunting! I'll be ordering my seeds soon from Seed Savers International - I received a book of theirs last year (Seed to Seed) and its absolutely wonderful!

Beans - kenearly yellow eye (look pretty, for dry beans)
Beans - kentucky wonder bush (snap bush bean for freezing and eating fresh)
Peas - sugar snap (seeds from last year)
Peas - sutton's harbinger (not too tall)
Tomatoes - amish paste (for sauces)
Tomatoes - italian heirloom (for eating fresh)
Tomatoes - cherry roma (for salads)
Carrots - st valery (tasty & good for storage)
Corn - smoke signals (colorful popcorn kernels, I've never tried growing popping corn before!)
Corn - golden bantam improved (good for fresh eating and freezing)
Watermelon (from seeds saved from a local farmers watermelons)
Cucumber - bushy (for eating & pickling if I have time)
Zucchini - black beauty (we love zucchini bread!)
Squash - hubbard (from seeds saved from one given to us by family)
Squash - butternut (from seeds given to us by a friend)
Pumpkin - hercules (from seeds saved from last years pumpkin)
Peppers - chocolate beauty (trying something different)
Peppers - golden treasure (sweet banana-type)
Potatoes - yukon gold (1 - yukon/canadian reference, 2 - so tasty!)
Onions (from seeds given by a friend)
Basil (seeds from last year)
Oregano (seeds from last year)
Sage (seeds from last year)
Thyme (seeds from last year)
Hops (from cuttings from old house, for brewing!)
Sunflowers (seeds saved from last years crop)
Garlic - already planted (from starts given by family)

Plants I might try this year or in the future:
Eggplant, Black Raspberries, Rhubarb, Honeydew Melon, Sunset Runner Beans, Hot Peppers, Turnips, Beets, Hyssop


  1. Nice list Katy! If you can find someone who has an established rhubarb plant that is willing to split it with you, its super easy to grow - basically just plant it and let it go on its own - although you should usually wait a year from the time you plant it before you start to harvest.

    I also did beets last year and they were also really easy if you can fit it in :) I wish I had the space that you do! I don't have enough room to do any more squash or pumpkins, but I am going to attempt cantaloupe this year. Good luck with the garden, can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Candice, great idea about the rhubarb! I have the seeds for the beets, I just don't know if I will have space yet!! Good luck with the cantaloupe, I loved the pics from your garden last year

    Mary - red pepper just aren't on my list of favorite foods, I love green peppers, and banana peppers, but I find the normal red/yellow/orange bell peppers too sweet...

  3. Wow! That's some list! I hope spring comes early in your neck of the woods! Happy planting!


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