Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ANOTHER garden plot???

I was making some soup for dinner tonight (Little M and I had a bad cold last week and I'm still trying to kick it), and the soup made me think about making some leek and potato soup next fall from garden produce. Then I realized that I would need to add leeks to my seed list in order to be able to make leek and potato soup.


Couple that with some comments that my husband made earlier this week requesting I grow some other herbs for his cooking endeavors, and the vague plans that have been floating through my brain about creating an additional & small(er) garden space closer to the house (adjacent to where the chicken coop and pen will be - more on that in the months to come), and I think I know what else I need to do before spring - design a small garden space near the orchard!
The existing coop is visible in the background

I guess I need to start saving money for deer fencing, fence posts, and of course, more seed packets! The picture I've included here shows where the new garden space might go. You can see the fruit trees further left before the house corner blocks them. The chicken coop is visible in the background - the garden would go between the fruit trees and the coop.

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