Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chicken update - they're here!

So yesterday morning I didn't think there was much chance of the chicks arriving, but when I was out with the dogs I figured it wouldn't hurt to go across to the coop and get the food in the feeder and put water in the waterer.  When I got back in, there was a missed call on my phone & a message from the post office saying my chicks were in!

I had talked with the lady at the post office Monday morning warning her that I had chicks coming in the next couple days, and then yesterday I went across (I work literally right across from the post office, so it's just across the crosswalk and there I am) and I checked in with her again to make sure they weren't waiting there for me. It was nice to get the call this morning though so I knew that I would be going in to work briefly then back home again for a bit to get them set up!

When I brought them in to my office, all were looking good apart from one dead meat chick & one other meat chick that was looking a little peaked. That one ended up dying during the day yesterday, and by evening there was one more looking like it wouldn't make it that died overnight. Not bad to loose 3 of 26 and have all 3 that didn't make it be the meat chickens that I'm less concerned about (they sent an extra meat chick, at least I'm assuming the solid light yellow ones are all broilers!).

The rest are all doing great, and they are so cute! At the moment I've got them set up in rubbermaid bins in the front hallway. I know, I had the coop all ready for them, but I just couldn't resist keeping them closer to me for the first couple days so that I can keep a closer eye on them, handle the layers a bit more often, and just listen to their cheerful chirping!

I have the littler ones separated from the larger gals. So that's the meat chicks, both anconas, and the smaller of the barred rocks in one container (the one with lots of yellow chicks), they are all smaller and seem a bit less active. The other barred rock, black australorps, buff orpintons, rhode island reds, silver laced wyandottes, ameraucanas, and speckled sussexs are in the other (with larger looking & darker chicks).

When I get better pictures of the little chicks, I'm hoping to put together a post on why I chose these 8 breeds, and I'll include pictures of each of them. Although already last night my husband asked what I was doing taking so many pictures, in a row, of the same thing... Guess I'll have to wait until he's at work on the weekend :)

Do you have any new additions to your household lately? Are you taking a ridiculous number of pictures of them too?


  1. I had to laugh! When we got our chicks this spring, I took tons of pictures, too! They don't stay at that cute fuzzy stage for long. At least mine are all through the gangly adolescent stage and are looking like real chickens.

  2. How exciting! Little M must be lovin' it! We won't be able to get chicks until we move, as I'm quite sure an HOA that doesn't allow rain barrels in the front of the house will not tolerate chicks in the back! ;0)

  3. Love all the chick pictures! They look like alot of fun. :')

  4. Judy - while on one hand I can't wait for eggs & meat once they birds mature, I also want them to stay at this cute stage! They are just so darn photogenic! :)
    Daisy - at first Little M wasn't quite sure what to make of them, but yesterday evening she got them figured out and wanted to help me pet and hold them. Of course at 18 months she is still a bit rough with them so I had to be very careful! I hope you are able to move somewhere that you can do rain barrels & chicks soon :)
    Bobbie - they are so much fun! The girls would love them! :)


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