Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden update - July 2011

Well after 2 weeks away, my garden was looking rather green when I came home. One of our neighbors came up occasionally to water, which was great; I wasn't looking forward to having all the plants I worked so hard to grow this spring die! Unfortunately, the green was mostly weeds! The plants were all there, all doing well, but they were surrounded by a sea of weeds!

I spent the better part of a day hoeing and then snatched bits of time here and there to get the weeds raked out. I still have a side path to weed, and there are still several piles of dead weeds on the path, and weeds between the individual corn & bean & pea plants. But, we've been eating strawberries and peas, I've had to put more dirt on the potatoes because they were getting that tall, and the raspberries are looking like they will have a bumper crop in a couple weeks or more.

We've had sunny days every day since we got home, its been above 90 the last couple days, and boy does it ever feel like summer is finally here!

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