Friday, October 12, 2012

First freeze

After we pulled all our last veggies from the garden in the afternoon early last week, we went back out after supper and mulched around the overwintering plants to make them hardy enough to hopefully last until spring.
the mulched herb bed in front, strawberries behind

lone sunflower at the garden's edge
the one kale that wasn't hidden by the tomatoes grew huge, likewise the marigolds behind it
common chives peeking out of their mulch covering
garlic chive seed heads
The next morning, it was obvious we had a hard frost from the ice formed under the sprinklers in the alfalfa field next door. We still aren't sure what the farmer is thinking leaving his sprinklers on so late, but we really aren't surprised at his latest level of seemingly inept farming, and heck, maybe, just maybe, he knows something we don't about irrigating alfalfa into the late fall. And either way, it makes for some good stories, and interesting ice pictures!

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