Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, between Little M's first hotel stay and then surgery, casts, and cast removal, several family visits (grandpa, cousins, and then cousins again), first snake sightings of the season (a gophersnake and a rubber boa!), a quick vet visit for Lily (the 4 year old 'puppy') to determine that the alarmingly large & rapidly appearing lump was just a bruise, all on top of the usual spring gardening chores. I'll show you through our week in pictures, ok?

first hotel stay and acceptable bed-jumping = happy hyper girl!


Pool jumping!

hot tub time with daddy

once the fun left the pool and entered the hot tub, mama got out to read and get ready to snuggle a worn out girl!

Dopey little girl from pre-surgery funny drugs prior to anesthesia

post-op rage when I was expecting neediness (mama take them off -- sorry, I can't love bug -- NO! GO!).

quickly adapting to the casts, happy smiley girl showing back through once more

Cousins! all the better to decorate my casts mom!

Started turning over the soil in the back of the garden for this years dry bean bed
get well soon card from a friend (see those decorated casts?!)

Transplanted the largest peppers and tomatoes into larger pots, the shelf is getting filled quickly!
Figuring out how to eat her favorite food (white cheese 'sticks') with limited arm and hand mobility
Planting potatoes

Digging in the garden

Ummm... getting rather filthy in the garden... Oops! Luckily the casts come off in 24 hours from this point!
Saw the first hummingbird of the season, so put up the feeder - no bird on feeder pictures yet, but soon!
One last picture before my casts come off mama!
Bath for a dirty girl with no casts! (the bandages cover the dissolvable stitches for a bit longer


  1. That was some week! You are raising her right, that's for sure.
    Love the mud shot.

  2. So glad that surgery is over and all went well. She is a brave lil' girl, she handled it so well.
    Lovely to see your belly growing with the new little one!
    Continued blessings...


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