Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Planting Potatoes

After cutting our seed potatoes up into eye-containing sizeable chunks on the weekend, yesterday they were definitely sealed up enough to be ready to put in the ground. I like to leave them out a couple days after cutting them so they dry up a bit and have less chance of rotting once I put them in the ground.

We had purchased 6 large potatoes each of Russets and Yukon Golds, and ended up with one row of Yukons and two rows of Russets just based on how many eye-containing chunks of each we got. My intention was to at least double the yield from last year's, which hopefully we will do based on the number of potential plants we planted and the length of the rows.

Little M of course was down helping me, getting rather filthy in her casts (and bare feet and pulled up pants so as to smear dirt from her casts onto her bare legs... hmmm) while I worked to get the potatoes in the dirt. Luckily the casts only will be on about 24 more hours from this point, because boy was she ever filthy!

So far in the garden I've got the greens seeded, the onion sets from last fall in and sprouting, the carrots seeded, the garlic from last fall well up and growing, the basil seeded, the peas seeded in the new side garden, and now the potatoes in the ground too. Not a bad start to the garden I'd say!


  1. It's so good to see green there! What a great start to your gardening season! Little M looks like a natural gardener!

    1. Yup, we're definitely loving the green! M has a lot of family history of gardening, and I think she's definitely inherited the bug :)


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