Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily life while waiting on Baby #2...

Not much to report on lately, just hanging out at my mother in law's place on the lake while waiting for baby to decide she is ready to emerge. We've been here 4 nights, and if I consider 2 weeks late as being the last possible night, we may be here 3 more weeks. gulp. That is a heck of a lot of time for weeds to take over my gardens! A heck of a lot of chicken eggs to build up in the fridge! And a heck of a lot of time to be away from home!

My husband is staying at home, working, until I go into labor, so its lonely for him there missing the little miss and I, and lonely for us here missing him and the gardens and all. We've been keeping busy though, as we've got 2 of the dogs with us, and the lack of a real yard, fenced or not, means multiple walks a day. Whew. At least walking is healthy for the baby!

I'm not sure I'll be posting regularly until we get home after the baby is born, since really I don't have much to share from over here, since mostly all I'm doing on a daily basis is lots of dog walking, food making, and playing outside with the little miss. But I'm sure once we get home I'll have lots of weed photos to share of my overtaken garden spaces! (sigh!) Oh, and surely some baby photos too :)


  1. Oh my goodness, good luck!!! I'll be thinking of you! How far away is your home from the hospital? Must be quite the hike for you to have to stay with your mother in law. Sending BEST wishes your way. Can't wait to see pictures :)

    1. Thanks Bethany :) our place is only about 45 minutes from the nearest (small) hospital, but the nearest hospital where they will consider a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is in Spokane, a bit under 30 minutes from my mother-in-law's place... so here we be :)


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