Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Wood

Remember how the county was working on our road and cut down some trees adjacent to the road, which they let us keep? Well those trees were sitting in the pull out for several weeks, during which time I kept worrying someone would come along, cut them up, and take them away, but no one did. Then Baby E arrived, and I didn't worry about much other than her for about a week. So imagine my surprise when one afternoon my husband had to run up and tell a guy with a dump truck waiting on his backhoe to arrive and load up the logs to get lost, he had no business around our logs!

Needless to say, that got my husband working to get the logs off of our easily accessible pull out off the county road, and down into our fields. So far he has only dragged the largest logs down with the Jeep, the smaller ones are awaiting him to have time to cut them to firewood length, load them in the trailer, and dump in the carport/woodshed to be split over the summer. Hopefully he gets to these soon, as otherwise they will have to wait until next winter to be used or sold, since they were cut wet. Most of our firewood is cut on national forest land, where trees have to be standing dead to be cut for firewood, which means they are already at least a bit drier than live wood.
Currently we are working hard on finishing all the posts for the pig electric fencing, which longer term will be the posts for the expanded side garden fence. We've put in most of them, although a couple still need to be leveled and filled back in. Once we've finished, I'll share more of that adventure, hopefully later this week before my husband heads back to work when his paternity leave is up.

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  1. Wow, that's a big job. Looks like Little M is ready to lend a hand!


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