Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Some pictures from way too early (baby-induced-lack-of-sleep-wise at least!) on Canada Day :) It's our 4 year marriage anniversary too, which of course we are celebrating in style by taking Little M in to see the doctor about a sore throat/mouth she's had all weekend. And of course getting little sleep due to also cranky Baby E. Sigh... The trenches of motherhood at its best folks! At least the dawn was amazing! :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, K! When Alora was ~3 weeks old, back in the day, I developed a milk duct infection, Isa came down with a flu, so did Peter...he came home thinking I would take care of him, I wanted him to take care of me, my FIL went and got my prescription to help with the milk duct infection, and Alora was the only healthy one in the house...and I had to nurse her through it. I still remember it like yesterday.

    You are wonderfully strong, my dear friend. <3


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