Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our favorite swimming spot

This summer after Baby E arrived we found ourselves with not a lot of mama energy for doing things like hiking and exploring, but lots of time for relaxing and playing. We ended up doing a number of drives around exploring new backroads and taking various short day trips to see the sights. We drove the backroads southwest out of our valley into the next in that direction, and northeast out of our valley into the next in that direction. We also stumbled upon this cute little swimming/beach spot right off the highway on one of our loops up and down adjacent side valleys.

We've been back every couple of weeks, and only twice have we had other people there. It was better earlier in the season when the river was still fairly high, when there was less beach space and less people on their summer vacations, but visiting it mid-week like we tend to generally meant less chance for others.

There's room for our blanket and towels, sandcastles & sandturtles, fishing, swimming, wading, and rock skipping.

It has the perfect mix of sand and cobbles, shade and sunbeams, depths and shallows. Its further than our nearest riverside beach, but that one is way too busy all of the time. We like our solitude!

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