Friday, August 9, 2013

Week's end

Waking up from a perfect (and long!) nap with both littles, husband already off to work a couple hours of overtime before his night shift (all the better to afford mama to stay home longer and relax back into work you know) I reflect back upon our Friday.

Up early before the mister arrived home from work, before the sun had angled across the valley to light upon our house. Then baby back down for a good hour before the little miss herself woke up. Bills all sorted and paid, plan for the day made. Gardens watered. Little miss up, fed her favorite breakfast of eggs please mama. Mama showered, everyone ready for our day.

Our 8 (8!) quick errands of the day almost all run before swimming lessons, then swimming (level one again this year but oh such a more confident water girl we have on our hands!), then lunch and a brief playtime in the park with some of Little M's best friends after their lessons. Home for snacks (smoothies, yum!), mister awake, ready (showered and smoothied too - yum!), and off to work, supper in the crock pot (honey sesame chicken - currently smelling delish!), and all of us girls (the three dogs too!) down for naps :)

Once we finish our suppers, evening awaits our recently awakened bodies - feeding the pups, our papa-is-at-work nightly ritual of a stroll on the hill-shaded road, chicken, garden, and sometimes pig chores in the dusk, then bedtime lunch and bed for Little M and walking and dancing the babe to bed for me.

Ahhh this is what our summer is.


  1. I can't believe E is already 8 weeks. I love the updates and the pics of the two girls. I bet M is enjoying being a big sister :) Your day sounds fabulous, love the details and the quiet times you spend with E. You are a great mama, thats for sure.

  2. thanks ladies :) It was a good one!


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