Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching up

So the kiddos are finally getting over the cold that had one or the other (or both) of them down and out for the past 3 weeks. So I was slowly getting caught up on all of the things that fell through the cracks while they were needy, sleepless little monkeys. And then today one of the kiddos at daycare was sick so I unexpectedly had Little M, so decided to stay home and get a couple hours of work in while they napped in the afternoon. Well, let me say, I needed this day off! We did all sorts of fun mama-daughter things, but also got caught up even further, and perhaps even got ahead on our christmas list.

Big exhale coming from this mama today. Relaxation time is so important, but always one of the first things to be ignored, especially when there are sick kiddos needing their mama.

But today, oh today, was a thing of beauty. Baby E is sitting up on her own for longer and longer periods before falling (thump) over, and Little M is loving on her little sister so nicely these days. Having two girls just makes me so content and happy. And having basketfuls of clean laundry? And a relatively clean kitchen? And having time to do a sewing project with Little M? And finishing up christmas gifts early? All so satisfying!

However, its a good thing I'm finding these inside, at home things satisfying, as we've been experiencing some cold temperatures here, down into the single digits, dipping to zero. Not a lot of wind, thankfully, but gosh that is cold! And with barely any snow to speak of, the ground is freezing solid and deep. I'm wondering about my newly transplanted herb and bulb bed, and hoping that those plants are hardy enough. Because, well, if they aren't, this will be the year that proves it!

We've been enjoying the cold and dark days though, we got our tree right after American Thanksgiving, and thus had it set up on December first this year, it isn't totally decorated yet, but the lights are on it, and having them on, plus the ones around the fireplace and kitchen window, just make the house so warm and cozy! We've definitely been huddling in more than ever this year, doing crafts, getting out the sewing machine more in the past 2 weeks than all past years combined, baking homemade goodness, and the mister and I have been playing board games once Little M is down to bed in the evenings too.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by here and chat for a bit, it has been longer than normal between posts all fall, and again its been a while since I last posted. Not to worry though, things are just fine here, just busy and full of life with two littles! Hope your winter season has enjoyable so far and you are happily preparing for Solstice and Christmas and New Years!


  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling accomplished. Little M's pj's make me want to run out and get a pair (forget that it's in the 80's here). Sounds like a lovely winterish season at your house. Your wee one is getting so big so fast! Enjoy it all and continued good health and happiness to you and yours during this magical time.

    1. I love the girls in footed pj's too! so cozy and warm, makes our house feel so cozy too to have them running (or squirming!) around in their footed warmness :)

  2. Such pretty gals :) I think that M looks a lot like you, and E looks a lot like your husband. So cool how that happens! I loved the pic on FB of you and the girls….I'm sure such good memories are stored in that picture. I love settling into home as well :)

    1. You are totally right - E's newborn pictures are hard to tell apart from my husband's. Its so cute, we have one of his mom holding E, and one of her mom holding him, and if not for the difference in the 2 grandma's ages, you wouldn't know it was him & his daughter, not siblings! The one of the girls and I on facebook is an outtake from our christmas card shoot - there is a total keeper of all 4 of us that is on our cards this year that we aren't sharing until the cards go out :) lots of great memories for sure!


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