Friday, November 22, 2013

These days I'm ...

Thought it was time for a these days post!

These days I'm ...
-- wondering how these weeks with both me & my husband working weekday days can seem even busier than usual when he's on night shift!
-- surprised how late in November it is!
-- looking forward to spending American Thanksgiving day with some local friends and their extended family
-- wondering how it seems every day I think about it that I think I've just posted on the blog but then I realize its been at least a week!
-- missing my best friend from back home who visited for a few days at the start of the month
Visiting with Auntie A

-- eagerly anticipating our first snowfall that sticks & lasts more than just a week days - next week?, later?
-- hoping said snow arrives soon because these nights down into the (low) teens are quite chilly and snow makes the cold so much more bearable!
-- dropping Baby E off at her first day of daycare with her big sis, and marveling at how quickly these past months have flown by - she's ready for more interaction than my office provides, but I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be this ready, although she had a great first day & I managed just fine too! :)
all ready for Baby E's first day accompanying Little M to daycare down the road!

-- looking at the expanse of new garden space that I've slotted for expansion next spring and wondering how on earth I'll manage to keep it all weeded!
-- busily in the midst of scheming for homemade or homegrown Christmas gifts, and thinking of ideas to add to the garden next year to make even more
-- enjoying weekly knitting get togethers with a local mama friend while our kiddos play
-- hoping this (last) slow weekend in front of us before holiday craziness starts helps the kiddos get over this nasty cough that Little M has had for the past week, and that Baby E has clearly gotten a bit too

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