Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Escaping beyond control (grass, that is)

It rained again this weekend, making our fields grow greener, helping the trees and my few garden plants that are in, and bringing the water in the river up almost to last weekend's first peak. In the past 2 weeks I've managed to get some of the copious areas of grass (weeds) mowed, but not everything.

We've never mowed everything since we've been here, although we've managed to keep the upper areas mostly cut at least once. Now I'm in that stage where I will, by over or under achievement, determine how much will be kept regularly mowed this summer. It's exhausting, just looking out across the greenery and thinking about getting it all mowed.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this mowing is done with a walk-behind mower that isn't self propelled? Yeah...

The fields look so nice when they are all green and evenly cut. They also look nice when the grass is long and the wind blows through the leaves. Minus all the weeds, and minus the cheatgrass that dries and gets in our dogs' ears and requires vet visits and anesthesia to get out... Oh the grass...

1 comment:

  1. Jim is out whacking ours off with the ride-on mower as I type. But I do remember several years when we did the open field behind the house with a scythe - it wasn't that hard, except for the rocks.


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