Monday, May 2, 2011

Little M's Nursery

Today I'm writing a post to link up to HOUSEography's house tour. This week is all about touring through kid's rooms, so I'll be sharing pictures of Little M's nursery! I don't have many before pictures, since my hard drive crashed and I lost a couple months of pictures dated right around the time we moved in here, but let's picture a room with gross dusty dirty pet-stained carpets originally a tan/beige color. The walls were a neutral tan also. It was pretty blah!

Here is an early picture when we were still in the process of putting the wood floors down and moving furniture from our old house into this one. This room the second one to get flooring, so it was the catch all for bins and books and things that didn't yet have a place to go. The room is painted & the new floors are in, but notice the old metal framed slider windows, and the lack of baseboard & some window trim.
At the time, we knew Little M was on her way, so we picked a pretty light blue for the room, although once the floors were in I wished we had picked a slightly different shade to match the reddish color of the floors better! However now that her room is more set up it isn't as noticeable :)

Here is the current room, it isn't as finished as I would like - the trim still isn't up and I need to figure something other than a blanket out as curtains!  I also want to make a mobile and put more art on the walls. But we've put a bit of art up, replaced the window so it stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and we've moved most of the non-kid related stuff into other spots in the house (like when I moved my desk into the closet of the guest bedroom). Here are a bunch of pictures touring through Little M's nursery, I hope you enjoy them!
The wooden wall hangings were baby shower gifts from my husband's little sister who lives in Hawaii.
This corner is where we read stories and where I nurse Little M. This picture shows the wall color the most accurately. The wall to the right of the flowers is where I want to hang some art. Still need to figure out exactly what I want to go there, and make it!
The large clothespins on the wall hold cute memories - some of the flowers we received at the hospital after Little M was born, and a beautiful dress made for Little M by the sister of one of my co-workers. The closet is a bit of a mess, oh, and it really needs some doors! I've been wanting to build a built-in shelf/box system for the closet, but it just hasn't been high enough on the priority list to get done. I suppose I could at least measure and design it, maybe in the summer when it gets too hot to be outside.
I spent some time organizing all her books by color, which I've been meaning to do for quite some time. I think it looks nice like that.
The pink and black quilt was made by some of our local friends; it's absolutely beautiful. They found police vehicle fabric (my husband works in law enforcement), and on the other side there are wild stallions (cause we live in the wild west, you know!).
Above is a close up of the quilt so you can really see how beautiful it is!

I couldn't resist adding this picture, I was trying to tidy up her room to take pictures, and she wanted to 'help' me. She was content to sit on the chair and play up there with an assortment of the blankets, toys, and books that I was trying to tidy! (Oh, and the multicolored blanket she is snuggling under was knitted for her by my mom!)

I hope you liked the tour of Little M's nursery! If you want to see more people's nurseries, head on over to houseography


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! What a transformation that room has undergone. That quilt is so gorgeous - you have really great friends :)

  2. So cute! I love the colors and the quilt. And I'm thinking she's a lucky girl with all those books. =)


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