Friday, May 13, 2011

Irrigation update - high water

Well I thought on Wednesday that we would get at least one of the irrigation issues solved. Unfortunately, although the ditch master was able to find an old irrigation head that he would be able to swap out for the broken leaking one, the creek is too high to be able to turn the pipeline off safely.

He went out and turned off the main intake by covering the end of the pipe in the upper lakes, but the pipeline apparently also is able to pull water from the creek that runs down our little valley. Due to us having a very high water year (the main river in the bigger valley we feed into may have a 10 year flood event later this month or early next, only time will tell!) the intake into the pipe that is located in the creek is really hard to get to, and neither myself or the ditch master felt that it was that critical to get our leak fixed. The pictures below are of the creek where it goes through our property and the vacant lot above us. We've never seen it this high!

We'll try again next week to fix the western irrigation pipe and I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, we are again using the irrigation to water our new larches, even with the leak :) The eastern irrigation hopefully will get fixed this weekend, as we don't need to shut down the system to fix just our portion :)


  1. Eek! Hope you fix your leak. Newest follower here. Fellow homesteader and mother.

  2. Thanks Rebecca :) looking forward to getting to know you back.

  3. Looks like you have lots of water there. Our rivers have peaked and are now on the way down. Lots and lots of trilliums are out and your parents brought us a gorgeous bunch of mixed daffs and narcissus yesterday.
    It's been a slow spring. The Tulip Festival is now over and the tulips are only partly in bloom. And we have seven days of rain forecast. Maybe I spoke too soon about the rivers. May I borrow your kayak if worst occurs?

  4. Mary - you are welcome to borrow the kayak, they have enough others to get them out if it does get that wet... but you would likely be better off in Jim's boat! :) I hope your wet weather goes by quickly!


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