Friday, November 11, 2011

Eagerly awaiting snow

So it hasn't yet snowed here this fall, but we are eagerly awaiting the first flakes. Sometime this weekend perhaps? Looking at the cameras on the mountain highway passes around the state there are some snowy drives happening right now! This afternoon when I had to dash into the grocery store the car in front of mine had a bunch of snow in the front bumper! Made me wonder where they were earlier this afternoon :)

We were up in the hills nearby cutting one of the last loads of firewood for the fall. We've got the most firewood we've ever had, so hopefully we've started on next winter's firewood already. That would be nice :) And now, with all of our stacks of firewood, we can wait for snow while snuggling inside by the woodstove, playing with Lego's, and eating delicious homegrown & homemade squash soup. Yum!

1 comment:

  1. Our woodstoves are roaring away but so far no snow here either. The hunters are complaining - the last few days have been too warm to hang the deer.
    The Horne huntcamp got an eleven pointer on Monday. Then only one more since. I guess the deer are all out sunbathing - and with no snow, the hunters can't track them.


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