Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall hunting pictures

So it has been a busy few weeks here. We've had old school & academy friends of my husband's visit for their yearly vacation up here duck hunting, we've had old school friends of mine visit, my husband shot a deer and tagged a cougar that the game agents had to put down, I had a construction project at work that I had to be on-site observing once or twice a day to help out the project manager while he was off at training for a week, and we had a crazy few days with our rental house. It made for a busy end to October and start to November!

But here I am, determined to get back to regular posting :) I thought I would start by sharing some of the pictures we've taken over the last month. These ones are mostly from duck camp with family & friends.
 Dirty camping girl.

Sagebrush sunset.

 Little M in the sagebrush.

 Mama & pyjama girl by the campfire.

Camo girl.

Dried grass & grey morning skies.

 Rainbow cows.

The floppy eared cow.

Sandhill cranes in a field.

Hunter in the distance lost in the grass.

Pretty blue & grass.

The guys sneaking up on a jump hole up on top.

Remi eagerly retrieving a male mallard duck.

Mama & Little M watching the puppy.

Lily practicing her duck retrieval skills.

Fall colors, out-west style.

Pretty sunset.

 Hanging out with Grampa in the morning in her pyjama's.
The cliff lakes

That's all for now, hope you liked them!


  1. Loved the photos! We need to visit, since the last time I saw M was when she was 6 days old. Can you believe it's been that long?

  2. What gorgeous photos. I can see what you find to love way out there. And Miss M is getting so big. Love the shot of her in her pj's.
    I will be looking at these over and over again.

  3. Love the rainbow cows photo and the sandhill crane photo! Your little girl is so adorable.

    kateri @ Dandelion Haven


  4. Lovely images. The rainbow and cow photo is breathtaking.

  5. What is the story about the cougar?

  6. Bobbie - thanks :) I agree about not seeing you in forever, maybe next summer we can meet halfway in Spokane/area!
    Mary - it certainly is pretty. Duck camp in the fall is my favorite for taking photos, the light and the grass and the skies are just amazing :)
    Kateri - thanks :)
    Kim - thanks!
    Wendy - I'll post more about the cougar in the next couple of days, we actually have a live cougar eating deer in the field next door currently, so I've got lots of cougar stories to share!


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