Thursday, November 17, 2011

First & Second Snowfalls!

So remember how last Friday I posted in the evening about how eager I was for snow to arrive? Yeah, so within I would say 10 minutes of pushing the publish button on that post my husband looked out on the back deck and said it was snowing! It sure was, big wet flakes were pelting down from the sky. I quickly realized I wasn't nearly as ready for snow as I thought. We had a mad dash around outside with our headlamps on for about 15 minutes, moving the left over pumpkins over to the chicken run for the chickens to finish them up, moving one last hose into the garage, moving some last irrigation bits in onto the garage workbench, and piling dirt over the irrigation turnout I dug up in the spring and never quite finished reburying!

I snapped a few dark pictures of the snow falling onto the back deck, but almost as soon as we got inside, the snow tapered off and really didn't amount to much. The next morning it looked really wintery outside, but the snow really hadn't covered much ground and was quick to melt off all but the really shaded areas right by the north facing hills where the sun never reaches in the winter.

Yesterday, though, we were forecast to get anywhere from 4-8 inches, or more depending on what forecast you were reading. We didn't end up with quite that much, but I took the Jeep in to work (my husband and visiting father-in-law were up cutting wood so they needed the truck). My husband didn't think my car would make it back up the hill down by the highway depending on how much snow we got, and although it likely would have done ok, it was very nice to have the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and not have to worry.

This morning the landscape is looking very snowy, with about 4 inches on the ground. I'm sad that I have to go in to work and can't stay at home and take a walk around looking for cougar tracks in the fresh snow!


  1. Beautiful. we are still waiting. So, where is the picture of the deer head, hmmm?
    That is one big cat below. Erk.

  2. Mary I didn't take the camera to work either day this week that I saw the head on the road, and now the snow plow has likely shoved it completely off the hill. I'll be sure to take a picture for you if we see another one :) Sounds like you guys have had warm (for fall/winter) temps there - enjoy it before real winter hits!

  3. What a beautiful view you have. Enjoy the snow!


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