Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dirty little toes in the garden

Over the weekend it was uncharacteristically hot for this time of the year around here, and Little M and I were out in short sleeves & bare feet. Hers especially were quite bare - and got rather muddy! First we were just playing on our small patch of green grass at the west end of the house where it was nice and shady. She was climbing up her slide the wrong way and sliding back down (sometimes) the right way. I wish I had some pictures to share with you, but apparently I've been slacking in that department and haven't been carrying the camera around with me!

Then we decided that we needed some water. Well, Little M decided we needed some water. You see, the day before I had mowed the grass, and dragged a hose up from the lower field planning to water the lawn. But then I couldn't find the sprinkler. So the hose was just sitting there beside the slide, and Little M decided she wanted to water something with the hose. Luckily earlier in the day we had figured out where the sprinkler was, in a random tub in the garage. Once we noticed it (while getting my bike ready to go for a bike ride) I remembered that I had put it in that bin when I took the crawlspace vent covers out of the same bin last fall. Seemed like a good place at the time... now I'm thinking not so much! The garage is definitely an area where I need to do some tidying up & organizing! But anyway, we knew where the sprinkler was, so we went and grabbed it out of the garage.

Once we hooked the sprinkler up, Little M had fun playing in the sprinkler! She made sure to keep coming over to me with wet hands to wet my hair down. I suspect she was doing the same for Tia, who contrary to being an irish water spaniel, generally doesn't like water very much. After Little M finished playing with the sprinkler, we decided to head down to the garden. Here's where she went from a wet little girl to a filthy little girl!

As I watered some of the plants that have been coming up in the garden (mostly peas), as well as the perennials, she kept ducking her head into the stream of water! And then grabbing dirt and patting her head... Needless to say her head, hands, and feet got rather muddy... Luckily it was so warm out she didn't mind getting a little extra hosing off before we went inside, her still a bit muddy and definitely all soaked. And with the sun being up so late into the evening, it was then time for a bath and bed! I just love involving her in the garden chores :)


  1. You're having summer weather and we're freezing! Re Little M and the mud - I am having the same problem with Shammy who never saw a puddle she didn't like. Luckily we had a bit of sun today, so I left her out to dry.
    My worst mess? Under the staircase. Not sure I can face cleaning it.

    1. Oh gosh Mary, our dogs are the same! Never clean & nice smelling, even shortly after a bath! Maybe we can trade - you clean my garage & I'll tackle under your stairs?

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun, I'm so glad she likes 'gardening' with me! :)


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