Monday, April 16, 2012

The Easter Bunny came late this year!

With my husband working weekends, we often miss out on celebrating some of the holidays that always fall on weekends. With Little M getting older and becoming more aware of traditions and holidays and that sort of thing, we decided  this year to ask the Easter Bunny to visit our house a little later than he would have normally. Thankfully he agreed - since his weekend was so busy he was glad to be able to push visiting our house off into the middle part of the following week.

When Wednesday afternoon came around, and the Easter Bunny finally arrived, Little M had lots of fun searching for and collecting eggs out of our orchard. She was well practiced, as we had attended several other egg searches over the weekend. She was also glad to see her easter basket filled with some fun presents! A big floor puzzle from Mama & Papa, and some bubbles, crayons, a coloring book, and a fun pinwheel from Grammy!

Our Easter celebrations thus spread almost a week: we had Grammy visiting right before the weekend for a couple days, then a community egg hunt in the park on Saturday, then Little M and I were invited to an early afternoon egg hunt and family dinner with some close friends & their extended family on Sunday, then today the Easter Bunny visited our house. All told, it was a great Easter. Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Easter too!


  1. Looks like Little M made quite a haul!

  2. Some gorgeous pics of a gorgeous kid (and mama ain't too bad herself). Ours was quiet. And eggless, since Audrey and Katie were away. But Audrey did get a maple sugar rabbit.


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