Friday, April 6, 2012

Garden Strawberry Jam

Last summer, over the course of about a month, I slowly gathered enough 'extra' strawberries from our daily ventures down to the garden, and froze them in small bunches, until I had enough to make a batch of strawberry jam. My first batch ever. But then I never made it, and the strawberries just sat in their tub in the freezer for months and months.

I had been meaning to make jam, and promising my husband I would make it, and even refusing to buy jam at the grocery store because I was going to make it so soon.

frozen strawberries warming up in front of the woodstove
Well last weekend I finally made strawberry jam. And gosh was it ever easy! A bit sticky, but sooo easy! I used a strawberry jam recipe from Pioneer Woman, but instead of going all the way and canning the jam, I just froze it, even though I put it in my weck canning jars and the recipe included canning instructions. I just didn't have the energy with a daughter & husband at home sick with colds!

But oh, it is so delicious! With some fresh out of the oven tea biscuits, or on warm crepes, or just on a spoon. YUMMY! I've been trying to find things to bake just so I can put jam on top :) And I'm amazed at how much jam my 4 cups of strawberries made, plenty to last us a while, and overall way cheaper than buying jam!

I think the only thing I would change in the future is not use frozen & crushed strawberries to get more strawberry chunks, and use less sugar! :) I can see doing a batch like that, low sugar & more chunks, and a batch that is sweeter and more like jelly. Goals for this summer/fall!

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  1. My patient father-in-law used to pick enough wild strawberries for my mil to make jam. Heaven!

    I use only half the sugar that most recipes require, especially for jam, berry pies, apple dishes. Sometimes I even go to one third. But if you make low sugar jam, do freeze it rather than can it.

    If you can get good raspberries, they make wonderful jelly.


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