Monday, May 14, 2012

It's HOT here!

We had a very hot weekend! It got into the 80's yesterday, and it's forecast to get into the very high 80's over the next couple of days as well. It's a big event weekend in town, so we went in to watch the parade on Saturday. We watched the very tail end, which ends up being not as exciting as watching it downtown, but my husband was working and in charge of keeping the highway closed at the end, so we hung out with him. It was fun waving at all the parade vehicles & horses with Little M. She got to pet 2 horses, and liked all the lights on the firetrucks and police vehicles, but wasn't too sure about the fire horns! We kept ducking back into the shade of the woods beside the road, where Little M quickly realized that running up to the irrigation ditch above the road was super fun... At least it was cooler in the shade!
enjoying a sandwich in the shade before the parade got to us

Running back to Papa & his car to wave at the first parade vehicles!

Running back up to the ditch between parade vehicles!
On Sunday, my husband got called in to work early to respond to an accident in town, so Little M and I had the whole day to ourselves. We had to make a quick trip into town in the morning - for some disposable diapers to try and get a handle on this diaper rash she's fighting, and for some gas for the lawn mower so we could try and get ahead of the quickly growing grass! After we got home, we played a bit outside before lunch, but after lunch, and heck, right up until about 7:30, it was just too hot to be outside doing anything but sitting in the shade. As the sun was setting behind the hills we got the mower out and did a bit of the front lawn. The riding mower is still not back running again so I'm using the push mower... whew it is a lot of work, but so worth it to have the weeds cut down!

We've been keeping the garden well watered, sometimes even twice a day. My poor onions, which I planted out a few days before this heat wave hit, are just melting in this heat. Silly me didn't look ahead at the forecast other than to see low's at night that weren't concerning at all, so although the poor little plants are having easy nights, the days are just about doing them in... The weather is supposed to get a bit cooler later this week - only up in the 70's as highs, so once I baby the onions past the next day or two, they should do fine with water only in the mornings, or every other morning!

I love evenings this time of year, as we lose the sun sideways as it sets into the hills, and we watch the shade creep from the road south to the house, and then down to the garden, and then up the hill to the south of us. And on warm days, the evening breeze is a bit cool, but the air is still warm and even hot. Perfect summer evening weather!

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  1. 80's would be welcome here! Glad you and Little M have been able to keep cool together.


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