Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Springtime Garden

Little M and I have been busy planting out some of our cool weather crops. Well, I've been kept busy planting and defending the little plants, she's been busy digging in the garden, narrowly avoiding killing all our new starts, and generally running wild. We've gotten a good start on planting out our onion starts, chive starts, and kale starts. Really I've only got about half of each planted, but that's what progress looks like with a busy 2 year old folks!

In other garden news, the peas are up and heading skyward.

And the raspberries are thriving. Perhaps even doing a bit too well, I'm forever having to dig up new shoots escaping into the rest of the garden!

The black raspberries are doing alright too, a bit of overwinter die back, but they are coming strong from the bases of the canes that didn't make it. We'll have delicious black raspberries soon enough!

And in the orchard we attempted to graft apple clippings from the rental tree we both loved onto our apple trees. I don't have high expectations, I didn't want to fork out the 20 bucks for the tip seal, and couldn't find anything other than cling wrap to wrap around the joins. Plus I think we were a bit late in the spring to graft. But I'll keep you posted as to how they turn out. And really, we can't learn and improve unless we try!

The rest of the orchard is looking mighty fine too, after Little M and I mowed it the other day. The trees are starting to flower, the grass is nicely mowed, and the irrigation is turned back on after the winter. We're ready to start growing some fruit, yes we are!


  1. Love your grafting experiment! Very adventurous! Enjoy your time outside with Little M!

    1. I figure the worst I can do is fail, and even if the grafts don't take, really I'm not failing because I'm learning what doesn't work :) And there is always the chance that once might work! (although it's not looking too promising even a week or two in...). There is always next year!

  2. Looking at your pictures, I'm nearly sure were practically neighbors. What a beautiful land you call home!

    1. After looking at your pictures I'd have to agree :) in a 2 hour or so radius of each other anyways. It is beautiful up here isn't it!


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