Monday, November 18, 2013

My Herb and Flower Area - Part Four

So, at long last, here are the after pictures of my new flower and herb area. I'm loving this long expanse even now, when there is a dusting of snow over the healthy layer of leaves I used to tuck the plants and bulbs in for the winter. (Missed earlier posts in this series? Here are parts one, two, and three.)

Once I got my husband to help with the back breaking work of using the pick axe and shovel to break up the stoney, quack grass filled soil, it was fairly straight forward to pick out most of the rocks and weeds, mix in some pig manure, and transplant the herbs and bulbs from the various areas around the property that they were growing at before.

It was a several week process, done in bits and spurts when we had some free time with either sleeping or cooperative kiddos.

But I was pretty motivated to get it done, so we cranked away at it and it was done before the first snowfall. When I was planning it out on paper, I wasn't sure we had enough time to really get it in this fall, and thought it might be a project that needed to wait until next spring and fall, but I'm pretty happy we got it done. It means that much more space in the lower garden for growing veggies next summer, and the herbs will be so much closer to the house in this area. Not to mention the flower viewing will be much more appreciated in this spot, near the chicken coop, where we are a lot more frequently than down in the lower garden.


  1. That is one big task completed. I am looking forward to seeing how it works out next spring/summer.
    We have no snow as yet, but we have had and are still having high winds and spurts of rain. On Saturday, a lovely mild November day, I went out and picked up all the branches brought down by the wind. There is now another layer. At least the internet node is not tossing around at the top of the pine tree any longer.
    Also, Alice just beat me at Scrabble. Maybe the internet should go down.,

  2. Congrats on getting that done! I can't wait to see it in the spring.


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