Thursday, January 9, 2014

A 2 minute chore rant

So as usual this time of the year, there is a lot of talk about to do lists, simplifying, and setting goals. One of the things I keep reading about, and this isn't just lately, is how if you have a to do item that would take under 2 minutes, to just get it done already. Well, it seems to me that the people who say this don't have little kids. Or a husband who sleeps during the day. Cause let me tell you, the number of 2 minute things I can think of that need to be done, but that under no circumstances can I possibly do right now, is about a mile long at any given moment of time.

Let's see, what sort of items make that list for me? Well, one that is often on that 2 minute list is swiffer the floors. When the baby is being needy, there is no way I can swiffer the floors. Wait, you say, can't you wear said baby and still swiffer? Well, yes, I would say, but to swiffer, I must first get a new swiffer rag (We use washable microfiber cloths on our swiffer), and put the dirty one in the laundry, which involves bending over, grabbing all the junk from under the rag, and shaking the rag out outside before throwing it in the laundry. Bending over with little one on my front? Difficult. Shaking the rag out outside in the cold winter temps we've been experiencing? Not advisable.

There. And so swiffering goes on my to do list, and does not get 'done immediately'. I could list a bunch of other things, but seriously, there are a whole bunch of simple chores or to do items that most of the time I simply can't get to, due to either baby or sleeping husband, or both. So needless to say, every time I read about how I shouldn't be writing down 2 minute tasks on my (limited daily to 10 items) to do list, I shake my head at their well intentioned advise, and write those simple things down anyway!

Regardless though, I'm doing fine entering into the New Year with my wits about me, and not setting myself overly ambitious goals. Because seriously, I'm keeping the kids alive and the husband asleep, so 2 minutes will just have to wait, because those mean success in my life right now. (Besides, who doesn't love crossing even 2 minute tasks off their to do list?) :)


  1. Your list is all that matters. Right now your kids are the priority, as it should be. The list will get done, I'm quite sure. You are doing a great job taking care of your family, and what's more important than that? Rock on!

  2. I just realized i never wrote on this post or the few before! (although i read every one!) I really liked this post. Simply becuase i don't have kids, so to me a two minute chore is simply that, a two minute chore! This really puts parenting in to perspective for me. yes, the swiffer can wait, enjoy your little ones while they are still little! Seriously - you ARE keeping two kids alive, that is a huge feat! Your such a great mama!


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