Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Closing out 2013

This past year has been a challenging one, for a variety of reasons. But it has also been a wonderful one. Our newest addition, Baby E, has added a depth of family to our lives that I wasn't expecting, making us, at 4, feel very much a solid unit.

The past almost two weeks has been filled to the brim of relaxing family time. I've had a few days of work, but most of my time has been spent with the girls, with the addition of sometimes the mister, and sometimes with his mother's side of the family too. My 'spare' time (if there is such a thing with 2 littles!) has been filled with a high percentage of reading, and some crafting as well, as my mother-in-law and myself crocheted to make the girls a pair of matching fox hats.

At home, we finally have a tiny bit of snow on the ground, so the world at least seems a bit more wintery, which is nice.

Little M got a new sled for Christmas, and has been having a lot of fun sledding on small hills here and there. She's not much for longer hills, or steep hills, and needs a nice flat spot at the top for getting on the sled, but she is sure loving sledding on her terms!

Wishing you all a happy start to 2014!

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  1. So good to see y'all having wonderful family time. Continued blessings in the new year!


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