Friday, January 17, 2014

When the weather gives you spring...

We've had basically no snow this winter, and lately the temperature has been getting above freezing during the sunny daytimes. It feels like spring, but it is still January. My husband said the other day, well, if the weather is acting like spring, then we should act like spring, and start working on our normal spring-time chores and property fixups.

We walked around, and decided where the next side of the yard fence would go, to keep the dogs a bit better contained (hard to stop the disgusting poo-eating behavior when you can't see them, ahem), and to better define the distinction between maintained yard/orchard/future pasture.

One of our goals this year is to get the rest of the yard fenced, so we have a safer place for the dogs to be, and a safer place for the kids to be, requiring a little less parent supervision. This way we are hoping that the dogs and kids (and thus us!) can be outside a lot more, but in a more contained space. That was part of the idea behind having the new side garden, and the playstructure right there, so that we could be close enough, but each be doing our own thing if desired.

As you can see from the pictures (taken at dawn as the moon set and the sun rays then started to hit the mountains to our west), there really isn't much snow! It might be a bad year for the river levels, and for wildfires, if we don't get any significant snow in the next couple of months. And this canadian expat is seriously jonesing for some white blanketed views!

I think this is going to be one of those 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade' times, and the mister was already out earlier this week doing some pick up of leftover logs/boards from the side garden fencing we did last spring, and used them to keep working on burning the stumps out of the bottom of the yard. There is always work to be done, and if winter snow isn't going to force the work to stop, then I guess we had better make use of this time, who knows what weather the next months will hold!


  1. So true, it seems you really can't predict the weather these days. Hope you get some snow at least for your water levels.
    What a beautiful view you have! Enjoy!

  2. So your view is perfectly gorgeous. We live in Colorado and we so badly want to live in the mountains....I'm a country girl living in the city...not always an easy task. :) I worked in our little backyard today and thought the same's almost like spring this year. Hardly any snow so far (knock on wood) and I even saw buds on one of our trees!

  3. I love that first sunrise shot. You certainly have amazing views from your home. Last year we didn't have a lot of snow, more ice and i longed for a snow cover. BUT enjoy those warmer temps and think spring!


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