Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sneaky little rodents...

About twice a year we get fed up with occasionally getting mice in the house and we carefully inspect the outside, looking at every possible way they could get in and making sure things are as closed off as they can be. We tend to come away from these inspections thinking that the house is secure, and we often figure the mouse must have gotten in through a poorly closed door.

In reality, I think that is rarely the case. There is a spot, somewhere, unknown to me, that mice are entering the house, those sneaky little rodents.

I think we are ramping up towards another house inspection, because this morning (while trying to get Little M back to sleep), we heard the telltale nibbling of a mouse. I think it was in the attic. So I set some traps in the sunporch, because they generally end up there next. Hopefully it won't sneak into the kitchen (through a hole I suspect exists behind the dishwasher).

Darn these older fixer upper houses! If only rodents weren't so important in the world...
A mouse trying to escape the dogs about a year ago - we all team up against them!
Luckily its warming up (likely why the mouse was out and about and decided to come sneaking into our house). Yesterday I heard robins around the house, and just a couple minutes ago one was on the wire right outside the window! Yay for spring being just around the corner! Its been raining heavily on and off for the past couple days, which is seriously melting our snow. I can't wait for spring flowers, the mud on the other hand, I could do without.
making an otherwise dreary morning more bearable :)


  1. We get mice every so often too! I despise them! I'm not even sure where they come in from?

  2. Death to all mice! Well, all mice that decide to try living with us.Do you know the Burns poem about mice?

    He does feel sorry for them.\

    "I'm truly sorry man's dominion
    Has broken Natures's social union,
    and justified that ill opinion,
    that makes thee startle
    At me, thy poor earth borne companion
    And fellow mortal."

    Of course, he was turning them up with a plough.


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