Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our family's purpose statement

Well I'm a bit behind schedule, but I'll be following along with Simple Mom as Tsh simplifies 5 home hot spots in the next 5 weeks. This past weekend I should have sat down with my husband (and 3 dogs & 1 year old, but they don't usually have much constructive to say!) and we should have decided on our family's purpose statement, that describes our family's purpose so that things like cleaning and organizing can be prioritized and done based on what will help us as a family.

Well, with my husband working Friday's through Monday's, the amount of face time we get over the weekend isn't very high. That being said, I'm just now getting to writing about our purpose statement :)

After a busy evening visiting friends last night, we scheduled some time tonight to go over some ideas that I have come up with that might express both of our feelings on the topic. I figure we will spend a little bit of time composing our family purpose statement, and then I will pretty it up a bit and print it off for our fridge!

Tomorrow or Friday I will post about my progress on my wardrobe/closet hot spot (the first hot spot), and then I'll link up to Tsh's party on Friday! Hope to see you all there and we can celebrate our organizing and cleaning together!

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