Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new farming toy

Yesterday we went for our first family bike ride, with little M in her chariot behind my husband's bike. We went up past our house to the end of the road. In the summertime the road continues back for miles and miles via 2 forest service roads, but they aren't plowed during the winter, so it's a dead end. There are only a few houses up past us, and we know our neighbors.

As we biked by, one of our neighbors was out dragging his alfalfa field to level out all the gopher tunnels and cow pies. We stopped to say hi to him, and my husband happened to ask if he had an old disker laying around that he no longer used. It just so happened he did, and he was very happy to get rid of it by giving it to us - what are the chances of that?!

It's an old, rusty piece of metal, that's for sure, and my husband had to make a quick trip into town to get some chain to connect it to the back of his old jeep to be able to tow it around. My husband was very happy though, and after the neighbor kindly delivered it to our place using his tractor, my husband spent a happy afternoon discing our bottom field!

Way cheaper than the tractor we rented last spring to rototill my garden space and the bottom field. Granted last spring we also had some leveling to do around the house that made the tractor necessary. So for stopping and chatting with our neighbors, we got a great piece of old farm equipment that hopefully will  be useful for years!

I'm linking up to the Homestead Barn hop today - hop on over there to see what homesteads all over the place have been up to this past week!


  1. hmmm...very interesting! So..he just connected it to the back of his truck with chains and thats it? wow. I need to go visit some farmer neighbors : )

    Lovely blog!

  2. Way to go! Isn't it so funny to watch men with new toys, it just cracks me up. We just got a tractor this week, and hubby has been finding all kinds of "important" projects to use it for. ;) Thanks for sharing this with the Homestead Barn Hop!

  3. @ Mary - he's like our out west version of the pauls or you guys! :)
    @ weekend farmer - he just got some chains and hooks and connected it to the hitch on the jeep and it was good to go, in 4 low of course :)
    @ jill - it definitely is amazing how many 'important' things there are that suddenly appear when new toys arrive!


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