Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicken Coop - progress update

Well after weeks of slow work we finally have the doors hung on the inside of our coop! We left off a section of chicken wire that should separate the two pens, so right now we have one large pen on the inside where longer term there may end up being two (hence the two doors!).

On the outside, my husband has been hard at work stripping and smoothing out logs to serve as posts for the outside fenced in run. I think the posts make the run look really beautiful, and makes the old run-down coop look pretty ratty!
My husband went to elaborate lengths to make sure all the posts were the same height, leveling out trenches to make it all look perfect for me (he's such a keeper!).

And check out how he cleverly hid the screws in the half posts he attached directly to the coop! He whittled little sticks to pound into the holes, and then planed them off to match!
notice the screw hole in the shadow of Little M's head

tapping the whittled stick into the opening

hidden screw - looks just like a branch grew from there once!
Little M had so much fun spending the day outside with us working on the coop. Her dirty little face just lights up my day :)
Little M helping Papa hold the post level
 I'll be linking up to the homestead barn hop, head on over to check out what homesteading families all over have been up to this past week!


  1. Wow... he made the logs smooth I guess they were cutting from trees or small trees themselves?
    We've been cutting back our cedar trees for over a year now, and I won't let Honey burn or toss it. I go out and clean up a pile every once in a while- trimming them up so they can be used.
    Maybe we should use these on our chicken coop.
    Your's will look great when finished.

  2. So cool! Thank goodness for his little helper. It's going to look great.

    I seriously have a 'need' for chickens. Our city doesn't allow it, but someday... =)

  3. @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot - he used small trees that were really straight and that didn't taper much. Its nice to be able to use wood from our own property - I'm sure you could do something similar with yours!
    @ Kim - thanks :) I'll be putting up pictures once the chicks arrive in July so you can enjoy their cuteness and avoid all the poop & things that chickens will mean! I'm sure someday you will move somewhere that you can have chickens, or your city might change its rules :)


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